The Dunes Golf Links

Dunes Medal

Dunes Medal 2023 - Monday 27th November – Friday 1st December

2023 Dunes Medal


The 2023 Mens and Womes Dunes Medal 72 holes stroke play

In a spectacular showcase of skill and precision, the 2023 Dunes Medal Tournament witnessed not one but two exceptional champions—Molly Mclean and Carl Banner, along with a historic feat by Max Christie.

Molly Mclean, the 2022 South Australian Junior Amateur champion, claimed the women's Dunes Medal after a captivating week of golf. Her rounds of 75-80-79-73 showcased her remarkable consistency, securing victory in a two-hole playoff against the talented Shanaiah Fernando. On the men's side, England's Carl Banner emerged victorious with rounds of 66-77-68-76, defeating local runner-up Ben Henkel by a commanding five-shot margin.

The exceptional performance of the champions, amidst challenging weather conditions featuring relentless rain and wind gusts reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour, showcased both technical prowess and mental fortitude by both Molly and Carl. Despite nature's formidable challenges, the winners navigated the treacherous elements with ease, leaving spectators and fellow competitors in awe.

The Dunes Medal, a tournament with a prestigious honor roll featuring past champions like Minjee Lee, Jason Day, Hannah Green, and Grace Kim, has been a battleground for the country's best amateurs for over two decades. Molly Mclean and Carl Banner, with their recent triumphs, now add their names to this illustrious list, promising to be significant contenders in the future of Australian amateur golf.

However, the excitement didn't end with the crowning of champions. On the 28th of November 2023, Max Christie of the Geelong Golf Club etched his name into golf history with a rare and breathtaking albatross on the challenging 7th hole. Known for its strategic complexity, the 7th hole's pin, strategically placed front right, proved no obstacle for Christie. From a distance of 222 meters, he executed an extraordinary shot using a 5 iron, achieving a "double eagle," a feat calculated to be more than a million to one chance.

As Molly Mclean, Carl Banner, and Max Christie make their mark on the Dunes Medal Tournament, they collectively contribute to the tournament's storied legacy and set the stage for a captivating future in the world of golf.

The 2023 Dunes Medal Mens Champion - Carl Banner

The 2023 Dunes Medal Womens Champion - Molly McLean

Hannah Green holds her nerve to claim Second Major Title*

Perth’s Hannah Green clung on to a wire-to-wire win at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Previously, Green (68-69-70-72) had only ever won The Dunes Medal in 2014 where she had beaten a stellar field of golfing stars to claim one of women’s golf’s coveted majors.

Her Dunes Medal win in Australia meant she was destined for something special. Like Jason Day, also a Dunes Medal winner (2005) who also went on to win the US PGA Major title, where they both now share centre stage as elite players in world golf.

When Hannah won The Dunes Medal in 2014, her boyfriend and now caddy, Jayrd Felton also won the men’s Dunes Medal in the same year. They both stayed at the Wilson’s property right next to the golf course during the tournament week. If you can beat the best at The Dunes Medal you can certainly go all the way and beat all of the best on the world stage like Hannah Green, Jason Day, Adam Bland and MinJee Lee just to name a few of the past champions.

* Major titles The Dunes Medal & The US PGA Championship

Honour Roll

The Mens Dunes Medal Honour Roll
2022 Nathan Page 280 -8
2019 Edward Donoghue 284 -4
2018 Blake Collyer 282 -6
2017 Blake Collyer 276 -12
2016 Frazer Droop 282 -6
2015 Kyle Michel 290 2
2014 Jarryd Felton 280 -8
2013 Anthony Houston 283 -5
2012  Brady Watt 277 -11
2011 Todd Sinnott 281 -7
2010 Deyen Lawson 278 -10
2009 Kieran Pratt 282 -6
2008 Bryden MacPherson 274 -14
2007 Leighton Lyle 282 -6
2006 Rick Kulacz 278 -10
2005 Jason Day 276 -12
2004 Luke Hickmott 288 square
2003 Alistair Presnell 274 -14
2002 Zane Scotland (Eng) 275 -13
2001 Adam Bland 278 -10
2000 Mathew Ballard 283 -5
1999 Brad Lamb 208 -8
The Ladies Dunes Medal Honour Roll
2022 Kathryn Norris 284 -4
2019 Charley Jacobs 288 square
2018 Grace Kim 292 4
2017 Dee Dee Russell 288 square
2016 Karis Davidson 297 9
2015 Hira Naveed 291 3
2014 Hannah Green 294 6
2013 MinJee Lee 296 8
 2012  Su-Hyun Oh  277  -11
 2011  Lee Park  296  +8
 2010  Adriana Brent  293  +5
2009 Stacey Keating 296 4
2008 Sarah King 281 -11
2007 Claire Choi 282 -10
2006 Ebony Heard 298 6
2005 Emma Bennett 280 -12
2004 Sarah Kemp 288 -4
2003 Dana Lacey 285 -7
2002 Melanie Holmes-Smith 277 -15
2001 Nikki Campbell 279 -13